Denim shirt on Denim skinny jeans

Denim can  be worn by anyone from kids to grown up's. They've been making waves from the longest time I can remember.

The good thing is that both the shirt and the jeans felt comfy on her something that made her feel secure in jeans,  My daughter has not been into Denim whatsoever but with the two pieces, I could see how good and comfy she felt in them and of course the good thing is that she picked the outfit herself. Not so long i was having battles to convince her to put on jeans, She was more into leggings but now things have changed and as a result am thrilled to see my girl rocking jeans from time to time, I love denims! While sometimes people urgue more about wearing Denim with Denim, I believe they bring modesty and simplicity.

 The two are her favourite pieces from her closet. It makes my heart beat rise up when i can no longer take the hustle to decide on her shopping , She'sright with me for her shopping and she knows her taste as well. Though she left out her belt, My kid has crazy ideas but sometiomes i let her be.


The Denim shirt she picked from Reserved kids which is one of her favorite shop.  Denim skinny legs, she got it from H&M kids. Denim mini mouse shoes from Smyk kids. Already you can see her obssesion with the Denims .She also tried to pair the denim shirt with her plain skater flared skirt. This skirt is super cheap,  I got it from one of the cheapest store here in poland, Infact i was on my way to buy some milk and the store i'ts just opposite and like always i love to keep my eyes opened and with few coins on my wallet just incase, haha! . Thats how i bumped into this goergous skirt.

           "Jeans represents democracy in fashion" :- Giorgio Armani

I had no sort of an idea where we were to take her photos and she was like Mummy no worries we can do it at the park opposite our Apartments.  Actually its just a cross over from our apartments.  Its a cool place to walk around with kids, shoot few snaps while playing around. Though she was kind of tensed as  people were passing by and staring at us, but that didn't stop us from taking few of her photos.

Lets hear your views over the skinny jeans and the skater skirt. Your comments much appreciated.




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