Plaid Check Skirt



I picked this outfit for Nat, Though we shopped together with her online,  I love the check plaid midi skirts, They remind me of my School days. It's quiet obvious now this skirt

is a staple in her wardrobe.

Though ain't a  huge fun of online shopping, I love running up and down at the stores and so is my Nat. We are shopaholic, Before we got our check plaid skirt, I was quiet nervous but got no regrets whatsoever.  Which shopping method works  for you?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

 Anyone not so fond of shopping online like I am?  I bet am not alone. The skirt came with the White Top as well and thus she decided to match the Top with her white sandals. Not a bad idea anyway.

   I so love the skirt,  I think of getting myself one for the winter, Hopefully I'l be lucky enough to find it.

   The thing is that it brings those memories way back in school where we worn checked skirts though in different colours.  So not only I love how it suits her but, It awakens great memories.


The outfit also brings a vintage look. Would go well  with a crew neck sweater but its summer time so we went with the White Top .

Anyone in the house who loves the check plaid skirts? We can't get enough of the skirt.

We took the photos as we were walking around,  Nat loves photoshoot more than anything else nowadays.  We managed to shoot few of them and as well as she was riding  on her bike .

She's a bit cheeky and she's going nuts about the whole lot of blogging. So far so good,  She 's loving the idea of blogging as she tries to be herself as much as she can.


Her obsession is definitely shooting photos currently of which sometimes we get into disagreements, With the fact that  sometimes i aint  getting enough time to take her photos whenever she wants. Though we trying anyway.

She tried shaving one of her eyebrows, Haah! I f you look keenly on the photos you will notice about the shape of the eyebrows. Her reason being that she was preparing for a photo session.


She would love to hear about other kids current obsession. This was something she kept insisting i mention as i was typing.  Feel free to leave us a  comment about your Daughter's / Son's current obsession.


                                                        "All it takes are a few simple outfits,

                                                           And there's one secret: The Simpler

                                                  The Better."  :- Cary Grant



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