Short Suit


Let's just say summer is almost waving a goodbye to us and it's been a good one, We can't complain, but  my daughter got a couple of her favourite

from her closet and it's not a doubt that this short suit is on her top list. It's a Matchy-matchy that gets you cool and brings about that Chic style and
feeling. The hat as well she cant get enough of it. Before we bought this set, I had given her two options to pick what she felt would be good on her.

That's how the thought of the short set came about. She definately went for this outfit!


This type of  outfit can be worn by anyone from kids to Adults. They can be best worn Casually or any other way you fancy. Let's just say the set is Chic

enough to rock anytime of the day whether in office, going for a coffee and catch up with girl friends or partying.  Nat rocked hers as we went for a smoothie date.

That's what we've been doing over the summer, We couldn't get enough of fruits smoothie.


The other thing i loved about the set, It's quality not just the style . Just like Giorgio Armani said:-

                         '' The difference between style and fashion is quality''

The quality of the set was one that made me give Nat a go ahead to own it. Whenever we go for shopping,  My first priority is the quality of the fabric

because there are alot  of stuff with great style but again when you get into the quality of the fabric, It becomes a turn off.


The hat was a gift after we bought the set and she was super exicted. So in this case the hat was her accessory and it's versatile , We couldn't leave

this hat (lol) i do love free stuff from time to time ( hiding my face ) But who's not guilty about that?. We feel appreciated with gifts.

Anyone who loves shorts suits? Either way for you or for your baby girl?  Feel free to let us know.




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