Black Affair


It's been a hectic week and with no shame, It has taken me a week to upload and publish the photos

from my new Nikon and Boy! This has been challenging, You know i was not a kinda girl for photography

but this thing is getting into me. Though i got few mistakes here and there and Thanks to God, I din't have

edits really needed. I loved the final outcome and so far  looking forward to perfect photography.

Though i edited just two photos.


 These photos were taken last sunday, The sun was good to us not like this week! Nat has been looking forward

to when i was to transfer  and post them and Voila! Mum has done it! We took the photos at the city centre.

We wanted more like a street style and bring about some fun. Street style is now such a big business!

Did i say i was  over excited with this whole issue of photography? Being the fact that this was actually my first attempt

to do a photo shoot. As a beginner it was challenging but it's all about time and practise.

Though  am getting craizy, Shooting photos every now and then. You can't find me without my gadget!

This thing can be addictive though, But my daughter and i are really into it and we enjoying every bit of it.

Anyone who was not into photography and all over sudden is going wild about it?


The thing is not about perfection, It's all about seeing how far we can go trying something new out of curiosity

which is never bad at all. Though looking forward to perfect photography.


The outfit was just like usual, Picked by Nat. She's in love with skirts so far which isn't bad anyway, Every girl needs a skirt in her

closet. Black and white is always a match that no one can go wrong about. It's in the first class honours, When it comes into fashion.

 Although it's always cool to play around with colours. It as well brings about  elegance and simplicity.

But i've noticed more often Nat is picking black and grey often. I suppose they're her can't do without, Then we decided to add a hat

and was a good combo with her handbag. She loves her golden tiny handbag. It's one of her best.


I remember the first time Nat worn the two pieces, She rushed into the mirror.  As she picked her glasses and she was like Woow!

" I look like a doc mum" She said.

She was over excited and still she's in love with the two matches. So with that said, Let me hear from your point of your persepective about

the shootings by yours truly. What do you people think about my first ever shoot with the digital Nikon?


Until next time Enjoy. 








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