Old School Style In Fall.


What's up People! Finally after almost a month , We back on track with the blogging! So much was going

on with little time to accomplish all that we do have in store but fingers crossed that consistency will flow into

our veins. Autumn is here and we are going wild with the colour popping on the trees, Too beautiful to handle

fall, It brings about to a sense of awakening both mentally and spiritually.

Autumn is one of my favourite season of the year and so is my daughter, She's collecting leaves in different

colours, In our house its just full of all multi-coloured leaves that fell off from the trees like they're falling in

love with the ground.

This always the time everything burst with its last beauty, No any other season would beat fall and so we took

advantage of it before it passes away.


Last Sunday my daughter gathered her outfit for a photo shoot at the park. She was quiet excited taking

quiet a number of her photos with all the natures beauty surronding her. Which brought about in her mind

being in her own wonderland, Where she would have a little castle chilling out with her freinds.

Those are her thoughts at the moment. Ooh did i forget with a white horse as well.

Nat loves white horses from moon to back.

She's always dreaming of that particular day, She'll start horse riding and owning a Horse.


Though i keep reminding her that everything at a time, Her wish will definately come True.

With the outfit we tried to pull out an old school style which takes me back to my school days

actually where we worn almost a similiar outfit.


It's her hope that you enjoy her pictures and she's always looking forward for your comments.

Lastly she wants to know about her fans favourite season of the year.


"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octombers." By L.M




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