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Winter is here and we've been having a horrible weather but finally last sunday i was able to shoot few photos.

I'm extremely excited that we are back on blogging , It's been a while since we posted and that brings about happy

new year beginning, I guess it's not too late to shout a big Happy New year to our fans, We hope that this

new year brings joy and all your wishes come to pass.


Natalie and i have been post poning our photoshoot but yeah ! We did it ! It's been quiet a hectic month and

i mean last month with hardly time to focus on our blog but finally, We have cooled down and we can't wait to

bring more of her style, We hope the weather will not interrupt with our upcoming projects.


 She mainly prefers her shooting's in open areas. She's a nature girl.

Today lets talk about these simple but stylish Jogger jeans, Which happen to be stocked back in reserved shop

They brings back memories of the 90's. When we just had those baggy and loose jeans, That were just be folded

especially to kids not stepping on them while walking. Do you remember those days, Seeing kids or grown up as they

walked over their jeans?

That was definately outclassed and looked filthy. Thank Goodness that they've come up with different kinds of

jeans and pants, That are classy and stylish. Though trends come and go, We can't deny that Joggers are way classic

and comfy. If worn right ofcourse and they blend well with different types of shoes and with that said , If you need

one of these for your kids get them in reserved shop before they're all gone!!

They were more in trend last year but with no luck to get them. We always found they were out of order, Though we

not much on trends. I feel that anything can be worn at any given time. What really matters is your sense of style and

glad that Natalie don't really care that much about trends. If she likes something nothing stops her from having it and

styling it in her own way.

She picked all her outfit and most thats what she does and loves.

Wishing you all a lovely week. We would love to hear  about how you'd go on styling your joggers.

Your comments will be most appreciated.








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