The- off -shoulder Vibes



Hello loved ones, Summer is around the corner and i bet you're all excited like i am.
The weather is getting better each day and how not to take advantage of this beautiful
weather? Doing  what your heart loves. Last sunday we finally managed to do a few shooting
which was not easy anyway, The sun was too hot and later in the evening our photo shoot
would have been more dark, Though we managed somehow and not to mention the struggle that 
came along. This season there are loads of mosquitos at the park. By the time we were done , The

the mosquitos had partied on us.

So Nat has the off shoulder top from last summer and as we were clearing the closet, We got
hold of it , In my thoughts , I had already assumed it wouldn't fit her, But it was a woow moment
for both of us that it still fits her well.

She styled herself and went for sporting shoes that blended well with her short skirt. Most
definately there are various ways to style the off shoulder, And ofcourse there are more in trendy
now more than last year i suppose.

But i've a feeling that during summer off shoulder will never go out of style. They're fancy and gives that
sassy look. Dare to bare in flirty off-the-shoulder, They could be worn as one tryin to pull the old

glam from day to night. They are so liberating with a free style to Rock your summer.

The accessories here she went for a hat. She loves hats more than anything else in summer. Hats are in her
n.o one must have. This kid nowadays cant get enough of hats , Its her current obsession.

In her world , One can never have enough hats during Summer time.

This is from her words to you. She'll be ending her school semester and taking a long vacation for 2 months
She's delighted that she'll be able to blog more without her school work interruptions.

She's most definately looking forward for the summer beak.




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