About me

What's up good people!  I'm Nina all the way from Kenya,  A mother of two kids,   A wife and a good cook as well.  Like I  said in other subpages,   Am currently living in Poland with my family and of course am in love with Poland,  It’s such a beautiful country with friendly people and with lots of delicious meals. This is one of my craziest thing,  The polish food. What not to love about Poland?  I'ts an amazing place to be around.  I love  their culture and that's  one of the main reason i fell in love with the Country which also played a role to migrate from Cyprus to Poland.  I will talk about this as i share along about my Adventures around here.  It was not  so easy to make such a huge decision,  Especially having lived in Cyprus for a period of seven years. Cyprus always felt like my second home.

I left my Country Kenya when I was 19 years of age and was quiet  challenging without the knowledge of the Greek language,  adapting to a new Enviroment and sometimes going through  hell lot of racism. There were times I just slept under my pillow crying  ready to pack my luggage and head back to Kenya,  Other times i was somehow okey with a fact that i was  free from parental control.  Ooh yes!  Especially being brought up by my African parents,  I never had that kind of freedom to hook up with friends and party till dawn,  That would have gotten you into a big shit.  I was delighted to own my freedom without anyone eyeing on me.

Having my family in Cyprus was one of my strength,  Although there were moments i just gave up but my Aunts were always on my side.  Other days were hard to speak out the struggles that i was going through . Each one of us had struggles to deal with,  nagging people was something i couldn’t bring myself into.  That had to mature you rapidly,  figure out things on your own and solve your shit all together.  As the days and years passed by i later on  got married to a polish Guy and that’s how i find myself in Poland, incase one would wonder how on earth i decided to come in Poland. Obviously after my marriage, We stayed together with hubby for a period of 4 years in Cyprus but my plans never worked out as i expected.

It was till  the year 2011 when we came in Poland together with our new born daughter by then  for a vacation.  I was attracted or rather i would say, I felt the urge to move in Poland,  atleast in a new Enviroment where i knew no one apart from myself and my daughter.  That was the feeling by then,  Although i never settled here immediately. It was till one year later i made my decision and had the guts to move from Cyprus,  Neither was it easy leaving my close relatives,  friends and coming to start all over again. Ooh boy!  It was tough and  a bitter pill to swallow.  So here I was in the year 2012 December excited being into a  new place but the excitement never lasted that long,  after a period of two months i couldn’t bring myself to loneliness and sadness.  I  packed my luggage to Cyprus again.
Might sound crazy but to me hell Not! I felt as though i was lost in some kind of a dilemma.

Probably no one could understand me at all but i felt rejection,  Fear of the unknown and  Sadness day in day out.  I tried to figure out which part of the world i would suit into but  nothing came across my mind. The idea of going back to my Motherland crossed in my mind a couple of times but again the fear stricked on me.  That will always be a moment in my life I will never forget and i would never wish to anyone.  It was hell. Feeling lost can drive you nuts especially when no one to trust and pour your heart out.  Fighting your own battles within you can seem like a death sentence  but once you overcome that believe me nothing would ever  scare you whatsoever.  Ooh yeah! That’s the feeling i do feel at the moment.

Once again after a couple of  few months having gone back to Cyprus,  I  later on packed my luggage and made up my mind that i was coming back to Poland,  Nothing seemed to work for me in Cyprus in that period. I felt stagnant.  Having lived there for a period of 7 years,  I  felt  as though i was a stranger.  I  had to gather myself up, act like a grown ass woman,  Face my fears,  Overcome my struggles and take the  risk courageously . That's how this African Mama finds herself in Jaworzno city,  Southern Poland near Katowice.

Hereby i'll share my Story and adventure. It's my hope that you will walk with me with no shaming just inspiring each other and creating positive vibes.

Your comments will be highly appreciated . I will not just tell some random stories but i will share what i've walked on and lived. I walk the Talk. You can always feel free to share .

Sharing is caring.  Forgive my typos, I always type in a hurry and at times can't seem to catch the mistakes, Though i'll try to avoid the silly mistakes. Stay Tuned.

                                         " I want to be different and unique from everyone else,  I want my creativity

                                            ride on me because i'm a queen sitting on her throne,  rocking her crown

                                            I want to dream greatness, where others will think am fucking insane,  But

                                            through this journey,  I want to remain Resilient, Humble and Persistent." 

                                                                                               Nina Kimani.

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