Protein Oats pancakes

Well, Well... I never thought the outcome of this protein pancakes would be satisfying,  When the idea of the ingredients came up in my mind,  I was abit hesitant if they  would be tasty enough to wanting more,  like it's always the case with the ordinary pancakes. Boy! I was wrong,  they were mouth watering and I also felt energetic after wards.

I believe the pancakes can be served with unsweetened apple sauce or rather a  home made strawberries sauce. Could also be served with fruits. Whichever  way they would still add more nutritional value.

In my case i had them as a pre work out,  Actually i was trying if they would boost  power before my workouts or they would just be like the normal pancakes.  So you might be wondering why I call them protein pancakes?  Well, will get there in a moment.

They could be served as a breakfast as well or Maybe you could be looking for a more healthy recipe to serve as a brunch?  Then here you'll not go wrong,  You could just add  some additional fruits like i have said and the brunch would be ready to be enjoyed.  I dont want to imagine how yummy that would be.

So let's get down to the ingredients that I used.

Ingredients :-

2 1/2 glass of rolled oats

2 egg white

3 ripe bananas

Glass of Soya milk

A glass of plain water

1 tbsp of baking powder

Coconut oil for frying

1/2 glass of melted coconut oil

Directions :-

Blend the rolled oats in a blender and once the Oat flour is ready,  Empty it in a bowl and pour the tablespoon of baking powder. (Now here I need to make it clear, Some people could think of adding baking soda but the outcome will be different.  We are not making sort of a fluffy bread. It's a pancake! A pancake darling ).So don't get mixed up.
Mash the ripe bananas well. ( Should be well ripe bananas)  The bananas will act as our sweetener. There will be no any addition of sugar nor honey.  Incase one got a sweet tooth you can add one more banana,  but i was quiet  okey with my 3 bananas.  Mash them well and put aside.

Egg whites should be ready and mix them together with the Mashed bananas as well with the  half a glass of  the melted coconut oil.  Once the mixer incorporates well,  pour your mixture of the oat flour with the baking powder and stir Vigorously,  As you add soya milk and water till you satisfied with the Consistency of the pancake mixture.

Heat the pan and start cooking in a low heat.

Enjoy your protein pancakes.

With that said let me get response from anyone who will try out the recipe.

N/B. The protein comes from the Soya milk which is a great source of protein and  the Eggs white.


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