Red cabbage slaw


    Heaven knows how i love salads. This cabbage was in my fridge for about a week, without any thoughts of what exactly i wanted to do with it, I knew that i needed to make some salad with it, but i had not figured out which recipe i was to fall into. I was just sitted in my kitchen and a recipe bumped into my head, I hurriedly took my recipe book and wrote down the ingredients i needed for this recipe, I was quiet impressed with the outcome, my family loved it too and that was an impression that i could share it in my blog.

 This salad could be enjoyed with chicken, Probably because i love grilled chicken breast but i got a feeling that thiswould be a super combination that would be mouth watering. I'ts just a simple dish salad and has only 4 ingredients that could go just great with any entree, This would go 4 side salads.

 So this summer when you planning to babeque you chicken have a try with this super sexy simple salad .

Hereby are the ingredients:
 1 can of corn
 1 carrot( grated)
 1 apple( Or could use two apples ,incase needed to be sweet)
 1/2 red cabbage
 1 scallion( green onion)

2 tablespoon of olive oil
1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon honey mustard( I opted the dijon honey )
1 teaspoon of dried basil

In a small bowl whisk all together

 Shred the cabbage as well as grate the carrot ,apple and cut the scallion  into small pieces and drain the corns.
 In a large bowl toss all together. Add the dressing to taste and gently toss. Season with pepper. ( optional)



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