Sweet Potato Fudge Brownie



Extremely delicious, Lord knows how i loved Brownies way long ago and i never cared what i threw into my mouth. Now with the healthy lifestyle, It's not a doubt

how i miss and crave Brownies. As i was doing my research on a healthy brownie recipe, I never found an impressive ingredients that i was searching, Most had

one or two ingredients that i kind of got skeptical about buying in the idea of trying the recipe. So i decided to try with my own ingredients without any hustle of


I would say i was quiet hesitant about the outcome, Always when creating a recipe that i never came across before, It fills my stomach with goose bumps. The

thought of waiting for the outcome always seems like a way too long the wait, I'm queit impatient and a perfectionist, So i can't get away with goose bumps till

am done and satisfied with my recipe. But i would say, It was a tremedous outcome, My recipe din't disappoint, It was impressive. My kids were thrilled to have their

first ever homemade healthy brownie. Neither did we wait for it to cool, Hell Not! We are crazy like that, We deal with few pieces right away! How we gonna know

if it was a job well done or Not? Tasting is a Must! Anyone guilty of doing the same? That's my kids and i.


I baked it last Saturday and it was obvious we were going to pack a number of pieces at the pool. The taste was heavenly. Unfortunately the social media has not

come up with the application to share a bite online, I would have let each one of you a piece for a trial. Hence that's next to impossible i'll just be kind enough to

drop the recipe and the procedure here.

Just run to your kitchen, Grab your apron and surprise your people. Let me wind up with saying that the fudge brownie is freaking healthy and clean. Anyone on

clean eating like i am? You can't go wrong here, Especially this would come in handy those days you craving a chocolate. Just sip a glass of water tell the cravings

to calm down and start to prepare these healthy Fudge brownies. Though remember they should be eaten in moderation too.

They are gluten free, No dairy, No eggs, No addition of Sugar and No wheat flour. You wonder how? No worries below are the ingredients you need.



1 1/2 Sweet potato

4 ripe bananas( Should be well ripe)

1/2 cup of melted coconut oil

5 tbsp of coconut flour

2 glasses of Cacao

1 tsp of cinnamon

1 tsp baking powder(gluten free)

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 glass of almond milk



Boil the sweet potatoes and let them cool. After they are cool, peel and mash. Set aside.

Peel the bananas and mash as well.

Preheat your oven 200 degrees as  you work onto your batter.

In a bowl mix the mashed sweet potato, Mashed bananas, Melted Coconut oil and stir all together. Set your mixture aside.

In a different bowl add the 2 glasses of cacao, baking soda, powder, cinammon and stir gently. Pour the mixture onto the

Sweet potato mixture and Stir well. As you stirring add each spoon of coconut flour and this time blend well. Preferably with a blender.

Apply some butter to your baking pan, sprinkle a bit of bread crumbs of your choice and pour your batter and put into your oven

Grab a magazine and sit next to the kitchen as you peep your brownie every 5 minutes (lol) That's me when baking.

Once the batter is in the oven, You can reduce the heat to 180 degrees.

Bake for 45 minutes and let stay in oven for about 20 minutes

Rem to check if its well cooked with a dipping stick, Incase not just  give some time before you take it out of your oven.

Make sure the dipping stick is not sticky.


N/B . Do not add more coconut flour, This flour can be a hell to deal with but incase you think of adding more you need to add more

Almond milk, But take from me and use the exact measurements to avoid dissapointments.

Incase needed to be more sweeter you can add a table spoon of raw honey, But since my bananas were well ripe i dint need any

additional sweetner.

After the brownie is cool you can ganache like i did with Coconut milk and dark chocolate


1 glass of coconut milk

1 glass of chip dark chocolate ( I used the 75% dark chocolate , Vegan)



Add the coconut milk in a low heat in a pan and pour the glass of chip dark chocolate

Stir as you heat for 5 minute untill the chocolate is soft. Coconut mik do catch fire fast, Be on low heat to avoid burning

After it thickens and incorporate well, Pour onto your brownie as it is on the baking pan.

It should be immediately. The remaining of the Coconut Dark Chocolate Ganache can be used as a dip for fruits,

Whatever takes your fancy!





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