Lentils Soup



I love all kinds of lentils, I can eat them from Monday to Monday, Most of my close friends knows how crazy, Am into lentils

They are healthy and filling as well, They got high nutritious values. They can be enjoyed either in Salads, Soups or you can opt

to Fry them . In this case i opted to make a soup and added few vegetables for a good taste.


This recipe would suit well to anyone looking for a healthy bowl of soup and it's vegan as well, Either way could work perfect but

the most important, The soup is healthy and can suit anyone on a clean eating diet. I enjoy mostly the soups during lunch or dinner

time. The other great thing is that, It's perfect for kids too. If your kids loves legumes like mine does, Then you don't need to prepare

a side dish. At the beginning it was a struggle, Convincing  them to try out eating a clean diet, It's a journey but at last they joined

the wagon, So i never  worry about cooking extra for them, They eat what i eat. Though sometimes i just let them be and enjoy a burger

in a while but eating clean is my first priority. Anyone whose kids are on healthy eating as well? I would love to hear some of the foods that

your family enjoy most.


The other thing i love about healthy soups, I don't have to spend a huge lot of time at the kitchen, There are those days that i get lazy

to cook and that's when i prepare a soup that is super easy and healthy.

So with that said, Lets look down to the ingredients that i used.



2 glasses of yellow lentils

2 carrots

Half Cauliflower


Tomato Paste

Vegetable Bulion (One can use any bulion of your choice)

1/2 tbsp of pepper

Pinch of Salt

1 tsp of Majoram

An Onion



The lentils should be boiled and ready to make the soup.

Once the lentils are ready just dice the onions, Peel the carrots and cut into pieces and set aside.

In your cooking bowl add in some water and heat, When the water is about to boil, Add the sliced onions

and cauliflower stalks.

Add a pinch of salt, Tomato paste, Vegetable bulion and Majoram and cook under low fire.

Lentils should be the last thing to add in, Because they were already cooked. Once you taste the veges

and satisfied, Add the lentils and let boil for about 10 mins under low heat and within that time the soup

should be well cooked and ready to be served.

Switch off your heat and sprinkle the chopped pasley.

Be ready with your bowl and serve hot.

You can drizzle a small amount of olive oil in your bowl. That's how i enjoy mine, Thus looks oily and hearty.


N/B Pasley should always be added after the soup is ready. They are just to add the flavour.

Let me get your response from anyone that will try this recipe out. I don't like adding much of spices due to my

kids. Incase anyone adds some extra spices, Kindly let me know the outcome .


Sharing is caring. Now run to your kitchen and start preparing the soup for your family.

Soups are my second best dish that i love insanely. Give me a bowl of soup and some salad and i'll Rock the World

like a Boss!

It's a super easy and a quick soup recipe. You don't like spending too much of your time in your kitchen?

Here is the way to Go!










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