Eat What You Love


I am quiet excited to post about my home made taco stuffed pepper, They're many different healthy ways to enjoy tacos.

 I made this with my home made taco seasonig as well and turned out to be delicious and mouth watering.

I couldn't ask for a more clean and healthy taco rather than this one! Do you love tacos but then again you get concerned with your

clean eating? You can't go wrong with this! Try them out,  I swear you not gonna enjoy tacos in any other way, Especially for those

of us in a healthy lifestyle. They're amazing, quick and extremely easy to make them.


I eat what i love and that makes my body feels great. They're vegan friendly too but the most important, They're super clean and

healthy tacos that you can come across. You can as well have them as your breakfast ,brunch or dinner. Whatever takes your fancy!


My kids eat them like crazy, There was nothing left in my plate. That's my joy anyway when my kiddo's enjoy my new recipe,

 That makes my heart  skips a beat ( insert the Olly Murs lyrics) Then you'll understand how delighted and

 super excited when my little ones says, Mummy that was an Awesome dinner! Anyone who gets the same feeling? I guess i ain't alone.


So incase you try this out. Send back your feedback and rate them. So to cut my talk short, I'll get down to the ingredients i used.



A can of red kidney beans

One can of corn

Peppers ( Here i used 5 of them)


1 tbsp Tomato Paste ( Optional but in my case i used it. I love my food with Tomato paste)

Taco Seasoning:-( home made taco seasoning)

1/2 tsp of Garlic Powder

1/2 tsp of Onion Powder

1/2 tsp of Paprika

1 tsp of Salt of your choice

1 tbsp  of Chili Powder

1 tsp Grounded Cumin

1 tsp of black pepper

N/B I choose to make my home made Taco seasoning to control the amount of spices i need in my recipe.

Just mix them all together in a bowl and set aside.



Cut the hard core and stalks from the Cauliflower.

Steam the cauliflower florets and once ready mash into rice like.

Cut the onions and fry in a coconut oil .Once the onions are ready , Add the redkidney beans , Corns and cauliflower

and stir . Should be in a low medium heat.

Add your home made taco seasoning into half a glass of water, stir and add into the pan.
Let simmer in low heat as you stir to avoid burn.

Once ready let cool abit before you pack them in your Peppers.

The cooking of this should not take less than 15- 20 minutes.


Cut the top of bell peppers and remove the seed and cores.

Fill lightly with the Cauliflower filling and put them into your prepared baking dish.

Add 1/4 glass of water and 1 tbsp of olive oil into the baking dish.

Bake in your preheated oven until the peppers are tender and the filling is hot .

 This took me 35 minutes and was ready!

Once ready cut your pasley for decoration and present your Taco veggies to your loved once.











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