Coconut Rice Pudding



Oooh Boy! Who's guilty of over eating Puddings? I'm damn guilty of that! I love puddings and so is to my family.

 This right here is super simple to make, delicious and healthy. The smell of the coconut is a woow moment.

 It just gives you the syke to take on a vacation under the coconut trees. Who doesn't love coconuts?


I guess No one! The other thing i'm crazy in love with the rice pudding, Can't be other than, It brings back Cyprus good

memories. YEAP! That's where i learned about rice puddings, They're most common over there.

I don't think there's a Cypriot who don't make the rice puddings, I bet none whatsoever. It's a norm to them.

One can't just get enough of them. So, With this here i decided to try it differently with coconut milk and a dash of cinammon and Boy !


This bowl was delicious. I just can't have it in any other way! I'm all over the coconut taste.

Can be served warm or cold. In both ways they turn out to be super delicious.

 Now with this bowl of a healthy pudding, I just want to travel to an island. That's the feeling with this bowl.

This would be great for kids definately no kid would turn away the Rice coconut pudding.

My kids are quiet picky but with this bowl, It's always a turn up in my dinning table.

Hereby i used white rice but still brown rice will do well as well. The key it's to eat in moderation especially with the white rice.

Grab this recipe and prepare a deliciuos breakfast for your people . Let me know the outcome .


2 satchet of Rice ( can use more depending on how much you want, In my case i used 2 sachets)

400ml of coconut milk

2 tbsp of Cinammon

2 tbsp of sugar( More if needed to be sweet)



Boil your rice and once ready, Set aside.

Add 1/2 a glass of boiled water into the cooking pot, add the rice and should be in a low heat.

Add your coconut milk and sugar and stir. Let simmer for about 5 minutes and it should be ready .

Pour the pudding into your pudding bowl and dash a tablespoon of cinammon into each bowl.

Your pudding is ready ! Can be served hot or cold.

You see how simple and quick this could ever be? Now grab your messy apron and get down to this ,

Let me get back your feedback. Much appreciated.








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