Protein Tropical Green Smoothie


Smoothie's have been my obsession, I don't think a day can pass without taking a glass of a green smoothie. This has also been

my secret fighting with acne, For sometime now i can see a difference though i would say, Being consistent with my clean diet and taking

the green smooth has  cleared my face. Don't i love green smoothie? Ooh yes i do! Call me for a girl's date and you'll be in shock

when i order one of the green smooth, It has become a part of me and no regrets whatsover.


The thing about the smoothie's, Can represent a meal or can be taken as your breakfast or as a snack whatever takes your fancy. But in

most cases you'll get me with a green smooth as my breakfast or a snack.. Yes i snack that instead of other unhealthy stuff that makes

me bloated and tiring , I grab my green and rock my world with it,  It keeps me full and i don't have to get something in my fridge

every now and then. You know that behaviour of eating even when you not hungry? That was me! Till i discovered the goodness of a green


The trick of making a nutritious green smoothie lies behind adding either flax seeds , pumpkin seeds, Chia seeds or hemp protein powder.

These are the four ingredients that are a must have in my kitchen. Why? They're high in proteins and thus gives the nutrients  needed in

 my body whether as a breakfast or snack. So most of my  green smoothie actually are protein based and with that you can enjoy a

glass of it as a meal or a breakfast knowing that your body has gotten the right nutrients that it  requires.


Today i decided to try a Tropical protein smoothie and i just loved this! It was delicious and healthy, The taste was out of this world leaving

my body feeling quiet energetic. The other important thing it's that my green smoothie keeps me in track not to eat garbage and starting my day

off on a right note is essential to optimal health and perfomance. Try one single green smooth each day, You will begin to notice positive changes

taking place almost immediately.

You want to end the exhausting crash you experience from a sugary soda or energy drink make it a habit of having your green smooth daily and

your body will thank you later.

Remember smoothies are whole foods, rather than juices. Though juices has benefits as well but they can't beat Green smooth.

Gear your morning for success by taking a few moments for yourself by making time to make Green smothies, With that said i'll get to ingredients

i use for my protein Tropical smoothie.




Frozen Mango

Frozen pawpaw

Frozen strawberries

Handful of baby spinanch

Ripe banana

Flax seed

Hemp protein powder + 1/4 cup water

 I cup of Unsweetened Almond milk



In a blender layer the spinach, banana, the frozen fruits, flax seed and add the hemp protein and the unsweetened

Almond milk and blend until smooth.


Enjoy your proten tropical green smooth as you Glow.

This can be taken: Breakfast, Snack, Pre/post Workout

N/B You can substitute Almond milk to Soya Milk OR Water any can do whichever suits you.












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